Not Accepting New Landlords at this time!

Property Management done the right way. We treat your property with as much care & concern as if it was our own!


The Northern Virginia area is a fantastic market to own a rental property. Whether becoming a landlord was an accident or on purpose, at Kazo properties, taking care of your property is our highest priority ! Real Estate is our passion and we pride ourselves on taking care of our landlords and their properties. 


If you are moving out of the area, tired of managing the property yourself or simply too busy, no need to worry, we can help! 


Feel free to browse our website and contact us, we are eager to work with you!



"Proper property management also adds value to your houses for rent because they are regularly maintained, they can command a higher market value in terms of rent price as well as selling price when it is time for you re-sell."


Kareem Fleming- Broker / Owner

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